The WCC was established in 2003 as the result of a Native Title Agreement between Barrick Gold of Australia and the Wiradjuri Native Title Party. The Agreement, known as the Ancillary Deed MLA 45, between Barrick Gold and the Wiradjuri Native Title Party came out of negotiations under the Native Title Act, concerning the granting of a mining lease at Lake Cowal to Barrick Gold. The agreement predominantly benefits the Wiradjuri Condobolin people.

The corporation is made up of a Board of five members with a staff consisting of a CEO and both full time and part time office administration staff. It has approximately 400 paid-up members, and employs about 40 local Wiradjuri people.

The WCC has generated employment for it's members, education and training programs and business opportunities, including community service programs, in partnership with various private, public and community enterprises and agencies. These programs and opportunities are available not only for regional Aboriginal people, but also for members of the wider community.

The WCC is very concerned with safeguarding the region's significant Indigenous cultural heritage during and after mining operations. To ensure this, the Wiradjuri Condobolin Culture and Heritage Company (WCCHC) has been set up with this responsibility; a subsidiary company owned and controlled by the WCC.

Further, Barrick Gold and the WCC have entered into a Cultural Heritage Management Plan. This governs the management of Wiradjuri Condobolin Cultural Places, both in the Project Mine Area and over Wiradjuri Condobolin Country as a whole.

The WCC has always recognised the need for wealth creation through sustainable business as an important contribution to self determination for the Condobolin Aboriginal community.

A Business Hub concept grew out of the importance of establishing a range of businesses to underpin the resilience of the community in the face of the potential vulnerability of living in a remote rural community. This is particularly relevant as rural towns such as Condobolin face especially complex challenges in a globalised, technology influenced world, where governments are withdrawing services and where climate change is developing as a negative factor. A positive factor however for this region, is the planned development of the mining sector.

The Business Hub is a centre which aims to maximise personal and business synergies for local Aboriginal people and for the WCC, as a vehicle to minimise business costs and provide the supportive and learning environment which is conducive to fostering the necessary skills to achieve successful enterprises. Our current and proposed businesses are cleaning, composting, compressed bricks, design, eco-housing, furniture, postal services and transport and freight.

The strategy is for local aboriginal people to benefit by:

fostering a culture of effective, sustainable and culturally appropriate businesses
supporting and managing profitable and sustainable businesses
maximising synergies and efficiencies across the WCC businesses
providing employment for Aboriginal people in Aboriginal run businesses
implementing a youth leadership program as a basis to a succession policy
providing economic and social support for the wider local Aboriginal community

The WCC aims to create a sustainable, smarter community and a knowledge economy, through the business activities and the programs eminating from the Wiradjuri Study Centre (WSC).

Wiradjuri Movie

The WCC aims to provide a better quality of life for the Wiradjuri people of Condobolin through employment and economic development. Aboriginal people, of necessity and for logical consistency, must also be at the forefront in this paradigm, a New Beginning!

This presentation was put together by WCC to showcase that.